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Building a safe and sustainable future with our high-performance prefabricated modular products and components


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VITALSpace is the gold standard provider of products for industries that require secure, damage resistant, and mission critical structures and parts. Our fast, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions have endless design options to meet the needs of our client partners.

Next generation manufacturing creating the industry standard

Our methods are superior to traditional construction due to cost-containment, shorter construction timelines, improved quality control, enhanced safety measures, reduced site disruption, environmentally friendly and scalable practices.

Next generation manufacturing creating the industry standard
Ordinary becomes extraordinary with endless options

Ordinary becomes extraordinary with endless options

With over 21K+ solutions in use, we prove that we can customize designs to meet any partner’s needs. We provide agility on demand and have a reputation for delivering creative solutions faster than the competition.

Bringing sustainable solutions to market

We take sustainability seriously. We use recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible, reduce tracks to the job site, and add points to LEED certification with our products and structures.

Bringing sustainable solutions to market


Who We Are

Partnering on every project

We work alongside our clients and key stakeholders to meet their specific needs. Our manufacturing capabilities provide endless options for many industries, from prefabricated behavioral and mental health units to medical headwalls, prefabricated bathroom pods, data centers, and security locks.

Pushing boundaries

We combine 165+ years of experience with advance manufacturing capabilities to review, address, and meet a variety of needs for safe, sanitary, and secure products. Products are delivered in a timely manner with a constant eye on sustainability.

Our Customers

Markets We Serve

VITALSpace partners with clients to build customized, industry-disrupting structures and components. Our unique and state-of-the-art manufacturing provide unlimited design specifications.

  • Behavorial Health Units
  • Medical Clinics
  • Urgent Care
  • Plant Offices
  • Workforce Housing
  • Equipment Shelters
  • QuickServe Restaurants
  • Restroom Units
  • Permanent Modular Retail
  • Secure Classrooms
  • Campus Solutions
Rental Industries
  • Ground Level Officies
  • Portable Restrooms
  • Shower Units
  • Panelized Modular
Mission Critical
  • Data Centers
  • Communication Buildings
  • Fiber Enclosures

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VITALSpace Brands


Prefabricated behavioral and mental health, healthcare and medical facilities solutions customized for diverse needs. Agile manufacturing capabilities and sanitary polyurea coatings exceed building codes and medical requirements.


Innovative prefabricated solutions for enterprise applications including data centers, IT and telecom buildings, power facilities, and railway house.

Better Solutions for Behavioral and Mental Health

Better Solutions for Behavioral and Mental Health

CareAffirm provides high quality, feature-rich, and affordable prefabricated solutions for behavioral and mental health. Our systems are endlessly customizable, safe, sanitary, and secure.

We pay careful attention to detail with options like remote color-controlled lighting systems, coated bathroom fixtures, ADA accessibility, and living areas more conducive to treatment.

Endlessly Customizable Healthcare and Medical Facilities

CareAffirm builds healthcare structures and medical facilities that increase functionality, sterility, comfort, and flexibility for a better patient and staff experience. Our products allow for ease of maintenance and making the possibility of swift modifications and upgrades to existing facilities a reality.

Our high-grade materials minimize the dissemination of infections in hospitals and other healthcare settings.

Endlessly Customizable Healthcare and Medical Facilities
Data Centers Built with the Future in Mind

Data Centers Built with the Future in Mind

Connexure builds high performing modular data centers that offer value through reliability, security, and operating efficiency.

We cut deployment time in half by manufacturing and assembling modular units off-site. They are highly flexible and can be easily reconfigured or relocated, making them a solid solution for changing needs.

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